Siete Tacos and Tequila Atlanta: Elevate Your Dining Experience

Siete Tacos and Tequila operate as a restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. People recognize it for its Mexican cuisine, particularly its tacos and tequila selection. The restaurant strives to offer an authentic Mexican dining experience with a modern twist.

Siete Tacos and Tequila present a variety of tacos, typically preparing them with soft corn tortillas and filling them with various ingredients like grilled meats, seafood, vegetables, and salsas. The menu frequently features classic taco options such as Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Carnitas, and Fish tacos. They also accommodate different dietary preferences by providing vegetarian and vegan options.

What all is offered at Siete Tacos and Tequila Atlanta

Address: 68 North Marietta Parkway NW, Marietta, GA 30060, United States

Phone: +1 678-809-5050


The restaurant caters to casual dining, social gatherings, and weekly celebrations, whether visitors seek a quick lunch, an enjoyable night out, or a place to enjoy Mexican flavors and tequila. Siete Tacos and Tequila in Atlanta guarantees a dining experience centered around tacos and tequila. There are different timings for each day. Better check their website before going.

Journey at Siete Tacos and Tequila Atlanta

Siete Tacos and Tequila are committed to crafting delicious tacos in Atlanta. The menu showcases a wide range of refreshing options, encompassing both classic and unique creations. Regardless of whether one is a meat lover, vegetarian or vegan, a taco is available to suit every palate.

Non Vegetarian Tacos: 

Non Vegetarian Tacos

For meat enthusiasts, the juicy Carne Asada taco, featuring perfectly grilled beef, and the savory Al Pastor taco, with marinated pork and grilled pineapple, will undoubtedly provide satisfaction. Seafood lovers can enjoy the Baja Fish taco, bursting with crispy fried and zesty chipotle mayo, transporting their taste buds to the Mexican coast. 

Vegetarian Tacos: 

Siete Tacos and Tequila cater effectively to vegetarians and vegans in Atlanta. They can indulge in the flavorful Mushroom and Spinach taco, which delivers earthy goodness and comes accompanied by tangy salsa verde. The grilled vegetable taco offers charred seasonal vegetables enhanced with house-made guacamole and pico de gallo.

The knowledgeable staff is always available to guide guests through the selection, helping them discover new favorites and providing pairing suggestions. Siete Tacos and Tequila Atlanta are committed to quality through their sourcing practices. It uses fresh ingredients to ensure that each taco bursts with vibrant flavors. The restaurant prepares and presents the tacos with attention to detail, creating a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

The Tequila: 

The Tequila

As implied by its name, Siete Tacos and Tequila specializes in tequila, boasting many tequila brands. Guests can indulge in tequila shots and craft margaritas or explore the tequila-based cocktail menu.

It gives the classic Margarita a modern twist with fresh fruit infusions and house-made syrups, resulting in a refreshing and vibrant drink. Other inventive concoctions, such as the Spicy Paloma or the smoky Mezcal Old Fashioned and the crisp and clean Blanco to the mellow and complex Añejo, showcase the originality and depth of tequila as a base spirit. 

The Experience at Atlanta’s Siete Tacos and Tequila

Experience at the Siete Tacos and Tequila

The experience at Siete Tacos and Tequila goes beyond the delectable food and extensive tequila offerings. The restaurant creates an atmosphere that transports guests to the lively streets of Mexico; it combines contemporary elements with traditional Mexican accents in its interior design, evoking a sense of warmth and authenticity. Vibrant colors, artwork, and stylish furnishings create an inviting space where patrons can relax and enjoy their dining experience.

In Conclusion: 

Siete Tacos and Tequila Atlanta are a living testament to a love story that spans generations. It all began in 1995 when a boy and girl met in this town and fell in love, defying the odds. Due to the girl’s parents’ disapproval, they went their separate ways after five years. However, destiny intervened, and twenty-five years later, they reunited and celebrated their engagement in Marietta Square, marking the start of a new chapter. Their marriage brought together a blended family, with two sets of twin boys and a daughter. This inspiring journey has become the driving force behind Siete Tacos and Tequila, where Mariette-based foodies can savor culinary delights infused with love and passion.

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