Puttshack Atlanta – Golf, Bar and More!

Are you looking to do something exciting during the holiday season? Well, Puttshack Atlanta is the solution! Furthermore, this place will give you a fantastic experience where you can have a drink at the bar while also enjoying golf. Moreover, you can entertain yourself with the games and food that Puttshack has to offer.

If you have not been there yet, this article will gear you to have a fun time at this trending place, which was lying just under your nose. 

So, let’s have a look inside!

The Amazing Puttshack Atlanta

Location- 1115 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta

Phone no. +1 404-738-7888


This mini gold course was an idea of Adam Beerden, and his brothers Dave and Steven had an idea to take the golfing experience to a new level, never experienced before. Furthermore, they begin their operation by bringing skilled and experienced people on board to design mini golf powered by modern technology. 

In addition, Puttshack Atlanta is a one-of-its-kind tech-driven golfing experience that people enjoy. Furthermore, the mini golf course is powered by patented tech-savvy Trackaball technology. And if you want to relax after a game, visit Puttshack’s bar and restaurant. Moreover, this multicuisine place is globally inspired, and they have come out of the world mixologist who will serve you an elixir of life.

Puttshack Atlanta – A Look Inside

Moreover, it is recommended that you pre-book before you visit. But if it is a sudden plan, well, swing it (pun intended). In addition, you can park your car on the first floor and focus on enjoying your time at Puttshack Atlanta. 

Puttshack Atlanta - A Look Inside

The best part, people from all age groups can have the time of their lives at this fantastic miniature golf course. Further, the price for juniors (under 12) is $9, for young adults (13-20) is $14 and for adults (21+) is $14. 

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What Else is Exciting?

If the thought of golf bores you, wait until you play it. Furthermore, there are 30-45 minutes where you can play with your group or have some peaceful time. Additionally, their innovative and fantastic concept has changed notions of golfing at this place. Visit their website for a better look at Puttshack in Atlanta.

What’s On The Menu? 

Puttshack Atlanta Menu

If you are a foodie, this place will make a place in your top five restaurants. In addition, their chefs are certified by reputed institutes, and they prepare dishes for you with love. Every bite of food will take you to some other world. Further, the Puttshack Atlanta menu has food that is the perfect blend of sophisticated and street culture. 

Not only that, the mixologist will seal the deal for you with euphoric cocktails soothing your taste buds.

What to Expect at Puttshack Atlanta

Puttshack is a golf course bar that serves excellent food. Furthermore, the layout comes with a minigolf where you can practice golf and try your luck at the game. Additionally, the restaurant has an extensive menu featuring items like wings, burgers, salads, and more. There’s also a pool table and darts available for entertainment.


Puttshack Atlanta is gradually becoming the talk of the town. Furthermore, this unique concept is the first of a kind that combines gold and partying in the same place. For an extravagant experience, you can join the VIP list and enjoy the extra attention!

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