OLG Atlanta For The Best Of Cuisines

OLG Atlanta (Old Lady Gang) (OLG) was created in 2016 by team Todd Tucker. Furthermore, this chain became popular with time and offered some of the best cuisines in Atlanta. 

In addition, Todd and Kandi share some delectable down-home Southern recipes and bring them to their visitors and customers in the city. We have curated information about this fantastic place for you to check out. 

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at OLG in Atlanta:

OLG Atlanta For the Best Southern Flavors

Address: 177 Peters St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Phone: +1 404-748-9689


The Best Cuisine in Atlanta

OLG Atlanta has grown at a fast pace with their best quality food and beverages, and with all the love, they have proven their ideology as the best.

In addition to spotlighting restaurants, they also feature other food-related businesses. Furthermore, these businesses include food trucks, catering services, and food items. This is all part of their creative restaurant week strategy. Providing access to the Black culinary industry, a crucial component of American culture, this aids in boosting the local economy.

Food at OLG Atlanta

Atlanta’s OLG has been referred to as the best Atlanta burger spot because they grill the best darn burgers in Atlanta, offer a vast range of beer & spirits, and serve some incredibly indulgent bar food. Furthermore, their fantastic flavors are incomparable! 

Food at OLG Atlanta

Here are our top picks from the menu:

  • Pretty cheeseburgers with pulled pork, ham, spicy mustard, pickles, mojo, and Swiss cheese are all ingredients that go into a superb Cuban sandwich.
  • Glory Balls of Cheese served with jalapeno ranch for dipping.
  • Tots (or fries) with white sausage gravy, shredded cheese, and bacon bits. 
  • MAC & CHEESY served with a side of hot honey BBQ sauce. 

A Space for Events

OLG Atlanta is the best place to host events and group parties, where many events, such as Thursday lady’s night, occur. Furthermore, a Friday Happy Hour party is hosted where everyone can get a pass and enjoy the part from 4-6 pm. 

Moreover, the place offers an excellent space for hosting any event and will surely make a good addition to your party. 

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What to Expect at OLG Atlanta

At OLG Atlanta, guests can expect old-fashioned Southern hospitality and delicious cuisine. Further, the restaurant features antique furnishings.

What to Expect at OLG Atlanta

Moreover, this place offers a selection of classic dishes with an extensive salad list, as well as burgers, sandwiches, and entrees such as shrimp etouffee. 


OLG Atlanta, Old Lady Gang, is well known for its customer-friendly behavior and treatment. The best part of the cuisine is the food; their preparation and implementation of all the love while preparing the order makes it tastier. 

We hope you got all the information regarding OLG Atlanta, their journey, food options, events, and all the contact information with the proper address.

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