Muss and Turner’s Atlanta: Enjoy The Sweet Bliss

Sweet cravers always struggle to find new dessert parlors to satisfy their sweet cravings. Only a few places can match the rich offerings of Muss and Turner’s Atlanta. They began as a deli, gourmet retail store, and wine and beer shop. Over time, they have expanded and evolved, launching a full-service restaurant and a Local Three Kitchen & Bar.

What sets Muss and Turner’s apart from other dessert establishments in Atlanta is its willingness to push the boundaries and offer unique and savory dessert options.

A Dessert Heaven At The Muss and Turner’s Atlanta

Address: 1675 Cumberland Pkwy SE Suite 309, Cumberland, GA 30080, United States

Phone: +1 770-434-1114


Muss and Turner’s cozy and inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect place to indulge in a well-deserved treat. The friendly staff adds to the overall experience, providing excellent service and ensuring your visit is worth it.

The Menu at Muss and Turner’s

Burgers and fries at Muss and Turner’s

At Muss and Turner’s the push is on quality, seasonality, and supporting local farmers and businesses. Their commitment to using the freshest ingredients shines through in every dish. From brunch, or a refreshing drink, to a delightful dessert, or a satisfying lunch or dinner, Muss and Turner’s has something to satisfy every craving. Let’s explore some of their specialties across various menus.

Brunch Menu

Muss and Turner’s brunch menu is a feast offering classic and inventive dishes. The renowned Chicken Biscuit is a mouthwatering combination of crispy fried chicken, flaky biscuits, and savory sausage gravy. 

The Smoked Salmon Toast, featuring smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, and pickled red onions on rye bread, is perfect for those craving a healthier option. 

Drinks Menu

The drinks menu at Muss and Turner’s in Atlanta is a treasure for beverage enthusiasts. From handcrafted cocktails to wines and beers, there’s something for everyone. Beer lovers can explore a selection of craft brews, while wine lovers can enjoy a variety of reds, whites, and sparkling options.

Dessert Menu

Muss and Turner’s dessert menu is a big treat for all dessert lovers. The most famous Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet is a warm, gooey treat served with vanilla ice cream. The Banoffee Pie is a delightful combination of bananas, toffee, and whipped cream. Take the chance to try their seasonal fruit tarts or the Salted Caramel Pudding.

The secret recipe behind this delicious menu makes it Atlanta’s famous desserts.

Lunch and Dinner Menus

Muss and Turner’s offers a range of options for lunch and dinner. Beginning with burgers like the Grass Fed Beef Burger or the Mushroom Swiss Burger. If the mood is lighter, go for their Summer Salad, featuring mixed greens, seasonal fruits, and goat cheese. 

The dinner menu includes Seared Scallops with creamy polenta and Grilled Ribeye with chimichurri sauce.

Group Dining at Muss and Turner’s in Atlanta

Group Dining at Atlanta's Muss and Turner

Atlanta’s Muss and Turner’s offers a group dining feature for a shared dining experience. Here are some key aspects of group dining:

Private Event Space: The private space accommodates larger parties and offers a more intimate setting for gathering groups.

Customizable Menus: The culinary team at Muss and Turner’s will work with you to create a customized menu that suits the group’s tastes.

Dedicated Event Coordinator: To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, dedicated event coordinators are provided. To assist you in planning and organizing your group dining event. 

Flexibility and Accommodations: Flexible seating arrangements, audiovisual equipment for presentations or speeches, and other amenities to enhance your event are provided. 

The Places Nearby

Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

If you plan to visit Muss and Turner’s in Atlanta, several nearby attractions are worth exploring. Here are a few places to consider:

Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area: A national recreation area that offers beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and opportunities for water activities such as kayaking and fishing. 

Silver Comet Trail: A trail spanning over 60 miles. It is perfect for walking, jogging, biking, or rollerblading. 

The Battery Atlanta: A vibrant entertainment district. There are restaurants, bars, shops, and entertainment venues. You can stroll, drink, or catch a game at the stadium.

Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre: A modern venue that hosts various shows, including Broadway productions, concerts, and dance performances.

Six Flags Over Georgia: A renowned theme park for thrill-seekers and amusement park enthusiasts. It features exhilarating rides, entertaining shows, and attractions for all ages.

To Conclude

Muss and Turner’s focus is on the food, drink, atmosphere, and hospitality they would enjoy. Their commitment to quality, authenticity, and creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for all guests remains at the core of their decisions and operations. Thanks to its unmatched selection of mouth watering treats, it’s a destination for dessert enthusiasts. From chocolate cakes to fruit tarts, there are delights for every palate.

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