6 Jazz Clubs In Atlanta

Atlanta is globally known as a musical town, and its live Jazz clubs scene is just as good as the megacity itself. If you are looking for great Jazz clubs in Atlanta, we have some of the top picks for you to check out.  But it can be confusing to choose the best out of all the available options, so we have listed the top 6 Jazz clubs in Atlanta that offer different genres of music under different surroundings and vibes. 

Beautiful and thrilling live Jazz clubs in the city are popular among music lovers; hence we will get you the best options shortlisted. We have enlisted 6 Jazz clubs in Atlanta that are worthy of consideration and make a unique experience for you. 

Jazz Clubs in Atlanta 

From outdoor shows at the state bank amphitheater at Chastain park to open mic night at Decatur’s Eddie’s Attic, Atlanta has a venue for all the live Jazz club enthusiasts regardless of their favorite genre. And here is the list of the top 6 Atlanta jazz clubs to choose from gritty dive bars to upscale listening rooms of your choice.  


Northside Tavern

Northside Tavern

With the aesthetics of a rare relic of the westside gritty, this dive bar gives you the city’s best live jazz music. Moreover, this Jazz club in Atlanta is a definite stop for the people for the spectacular music and band. Furthermore, it presents shows seven nights a week without extra cover charge on weekends.

The club provides plenty of drink options to choose from while enjoying the Jazz, along with two pool tables and outback seating. The atrocious decor and musical vibes facilitate a serene environment.

Address: 4163 Hamilton Ave A, Cincinnati, OH 45223, United States

Phone: +1 513-542-3603


Blind Willie’s – One of the Best Jazz Clubs In Atlanta 

Blind Willie's - One of the Best Jazz Clubs In Atlanta 

Blind Willie is located among some of the most fascinating Atlanta neighborhoods and offers an atmosphere for award-winning blues and Jazz.

Furthermore, this one of the best Jazz clubs in Atlanta is a hotspot with a limited bar menu featuring blue and Jazz music from around the country. Additionally, you can enjoy pub food like wings and gumbo while listening to national and internationally renowned artists with live shows every Tuesday through Sunday.

Moreover, they serve some authentic southern cuisine in a relaxed terrain. This Jazz club in Atlanta has a house band and special weekly music events. 

Address: 828 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306-4506

Phone: +1 404-863-2583



James Jazz Club

James Jazz Club

Situated just five miles from the airport on the city’s south side, this Atlanta Jazz club feels like an intimate concert hall. It features local mainstays and national acts like Grammy awards-winning keyboardist Phil Davis.

St. James has a low-lit venue and offers live Jazz and blues shows along with Cocktails and American chow in an open setting. The club has a comforting, sophisticated atmosphere. Furthermore, it also hosts smooth gospel jazz acts on Sundays and regular jazz nights on Thursdays for fans of the genre. 

Known for its unique blend of artistry and savoir-faire, St. James provides world-class entertainment in a warmly intimate setting. There is a cover charge for entry into the club, which can be paid in advance during a reservation online or at the club’s door.

Address: 3220 Butner road # 240, Atlanta, GA 30331

Phone: +1 404-254-3561



The Earl – Among Top Jazz Clubs In Atlanta 

The Earl - Among Top Jazz Clubs In Atlanta 

The Earl, East Atlanta Restaurant and Lounge, is a nightclub and an alternative music venue in the neighborhood. Moreover, it is listed as one of America’s 40 best music venues. Furthermore, the Earl concerts range from Indie acts like the national and all the saints to blues, rock, and Jazz.

Visit this one of the top Jazz Clubs In Atlanta for the burger and stay late for music at this fantastic club at east Atlanta village. The Earl has a fun vibe with a small stage and bar. 

Address: 488 Flat shoals ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316-3940

Phone: +1 404-522-3950



The Apache Cafe

The Apache Cafe

With its location at Marietta street downtown, Apache cafe and restaurant serves excellent food along with some great jazz. This Jazz Club In Atlanta provides a unique dining experience that compliments an intimate interior with fantastic live Jazz music. When you step into Apache, you will feel like you stepped into a personality cell, even if it is packed with people.

The bar club has a very intimate vibe in Downtown Atlanta. It’s a great place to discover the local art and music scene and an opportunity for local musicians to perform with recognized local Jazz players on open mic nights. 

To have something different with great southern food, this cafe is the place to visit.

Address: 393 Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Phone:+1 404-490-2410



The Red light Cafe

The Red light Cafe

The Red light Jazz club in Alanta offers something unique and different. It is located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. This club has a burlesque flavor and all styles of entertainment, like comedy and musical and artistic parodies, along with Jazz. 

It provides excellent music across different genres, a great vibe, and good food. Those who like their Jazz low-key and without standing on ceremony will enjoy the relaxed terrain of the red light cafe. Furthermore, there are Thursday Jam sessions to play alongside some best local talents to showcase your music taste. 

Address: 553-1 Amsterdam Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Phone: +1 404-864-6828


Wrapping Up

Jazz Clubs In Atlanta are a popular sight and attraction among locals and visitors. A musical world of wonder, Atlanta has a diverse taste in Country, Folk, Rap, and Jazz. It is an excellent megacity full of music and great Jazz to listen to. We hope you enjoyed reading all about these popular Jazz clubs in the magnificent city of Atlanta!


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