All About Estrella Atlanta

Estrella Atlanta is one of the best rooftops in the city, with mesmerizing views and a variety of food items to try. Not just that, but it is a perfect place to change your mood for the better. Furthermore, Atlanta is home to some of the best rooftop restaurants and bars that you can explore. Well, Estrella is one of them!

Estrella means “star” in Spanish. Let’s take you on an imaginary walk through Estrella rooftop in Atlanta!

Estrella Atlanta Rooftop Experience

Address: 550 Somerset Terrace​ NE, Suite 102

Phone: 404.795.8343


You might not want to miss the super classic vibe with a relaxed environment in Atlanta, along with a variety of delicacies on your table. How about adding a sunset as well? Well, that can be called a date. Estrella Atlanta is exactly a blend of this.

The Fantastic Ambiance

Moreover, the interiors give a pastel effect because of the subtle color palate used, with nude shades of furniture, which gives a minimalist ambiance to the place. Further, the furniture is built keeping in mind human comfort which makes you stay longer. Interestingly, Estrella in Atlanta is divided into two sections, the interior and the exterior. Overall, the interiors give you a quieter, calmer environment while the exterior area makes you experience the weather of Atlanta. 

The Fantastic Ambiance: Estrella Atlanta

You can pick any according to your availability and your mood. The beautiful rooftop is at Common Ground Warehouse, at Inman Park, one of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta

The Delectable Food at Estrella Atlanta

Estrella offers a delicious variety of food items to buzz your tastebuds. Furthermore, the place is known for its Latin- American tapas, which alter as the season changes and the local ingredients add fresh flavors to the dishes. From snacks to small plates, fried quesadillas, desserts, and a wide range of cocktails, Estrella Atlanta serves dishes for all moods. Moreover, it is also a budget-friendly place. 

The Delectable Food at Estrella Atlanta

In addition, this rooftop restaurant also offers a dazzling environment to drink fresh squeezed margaritas. No one, literally no one, would miss viewing the skyline of Atlanta, and guess what! Estrella Atlanta serves it to you for free. In short, this can be a perfect place to go on a date with your partner. 

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A Must-Visit Spot

This is a must-visit place for great food, a city view, and some delicious blends if you find yourself in the city. Additionally, you can visit Estrella Atlanta without reservations; it is first come, first served. Further, you also get a valet parking service and self-parking at the place. Moreover, you can enjoy your time with your group with Latin music and the best Mexican cuisine. 

In addition, Atlanta’s Estrella rooftop has a super welcoming staff that helps you decide what to order per your taste and mood. Further, the service is good, and the energy is warm. The staff cares about the customer’s experience and comfort. 

Wrapping Up

Estrella Atlanta is a great place to dine out (literally), with a view of the skyline and some amazing food and drinks. So, the next time you are out and about in the city and wondering where to eat, give this place a shot. We hope you enjoyed reading all about the restaurant in this article. 


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