Emerald City Bagels Atlanta For Best Bagels In The City

Emerald City Bagels Atlanta is a popular bagel shop known for its delicious, homemade bagels and unique flavor combinations. The shop first opened its doors in 2018, and since then, it has become a go-to destination for bagel lovers throughout the city. Let’s explore this shop for one of the top bagels in Atlanta.

Emerald City Bagels Atlanta

Location- 1257A Glenwood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 

Contact- +1 404-343-3758



Emerald City Bagels Atlanta is a small shop offering bagels inspired by Long Island. You can opt for breakfast or lunch sandwiches here. The place’s interior gives a feeling of vintage outlets, but they are quite interesting once you sit down at the table. Furthermore, the retro uniforms and decor add to the charm this place has to offer. 

About the Founders

Emerald City Bagels Atlanta ambience

Deanna Halcrow and Jackie Halcrow are the proud owners of Emerald City Bagels. They both decided to launch a bagel-making company. Starting modest, it sold wholesale to a few coffee shops and restaurants while operating out of a communal commercial kitchen. They altered and enhanced the recipe early on until they found the magic combination. 

The Decor of Emerald City Bagels Atlanta

The bakery’s decor resembles some of their favorite bagel and savory restaurants in lower Manhattan. Traditional ingredients and baking techniques are used to make the bagels. Moreover, the facility offers plenty of options for using techniques such as kettle boiling, which results in a rich, chewy interior and a crusty surface. 

The walls of Emerald City Bagels in Atlanta are light-colored, giving the feeling of being in a spacious area. Further, the dark brown counter is well placed along with glass shelved counters, giving you a peak of what the store offers. While the kitchen is not visible to a guest, you can always see the coffee-making from another side. 

Food Specialty

Emerald City Bagels Atlanta food

In addition to Emerald City Bagels Atlanta’s delicious bagels and sandwiches, Emerald City Bagels is known for cream cheeses, bagels, sammies, cakes, and so on. To get the best experience, you can grab one of the signatures, such as Classic Bacon. Furthermore, it comes with an egg, cheese, and onion bagel. You can also create your customized bagel by choosing the toppings of your choice. 

Another good option is the whitefish Salad Bagel. This NY Deli classic has whitefish salad topped with dill cream cheese and red caviar. Not just that, you can get it with the bagel of your own choice. If you like trying something new, you may order the Pastrami Bagel. The pastrami is so thin it gives you the feeling of melting in your mouth. Top it with cheese and mustard on the everything bagel option, and you will have a scrumptious breakfast. 


Emerald City Bagels Atlanta is ideal for time-saving deals. It offers snacking options that many of us want to try when we are short on time. Besides bagels, the retro vibe from the 60s might appeal to someone. Moreover, it is also a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a delicious and unique bagel experience. 


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