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Are you tired of streaming movies online? Well, Drive in Movie Theater Atlanta is the solution to that! Now is the right time to grab your stuff and explore the experience of watching your favorite movie in a drive-in theatre. Furthermore, the breathtaking setting under the spectacular starry sky, the grandee sound system, the larger-than-life screen, and the fun of getting your hands on some of your favorite food from the food court. Are you still trying to decide which one to try? Let us help you in making you pick the best drive-in theatre in Atlanta.

Additionally, Atlanta has some top drive-in theatres that provide the best movie experience. We present to you a few of the finest drive-in movie theatres. 

Drive in Movie Theater Atlanta

Here are our top picks! 


Starlight Drive-In Theatre

Starlight Drive-In Theatre

Situated on the outskirts of Atlanta, Starlight offers a picturesque view. Moreover, this Atlanta drive in movie theatre is an ode to classic decor with a modern digital screening and sound system. Additionally, it is open every night and is the only permanent drive in theatre in Atlanta. 

Also, they have a snack bar, and you can also carry your snacks. However, alcohol is prohibited. Here you will find some traditional dishes and a great selection of Mexican food, candy, sweets, and cold drinks to make the night even better.

Other than that, people can experience their renowned Swap Meet, a marketplace where vendors from all walks of life can sell products. Anyone who wishes to purchase from these vendors is welcome at this Atlanta drive in movie theatre. In addition, the parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis – so the best idea is to arrive early.

The Cost of tickets: Starts from $10

Location: 2000 Moreland Avenue, Atlanta



The Springs Cinema & Taphouse – Drive in Movie Theater Atlanta

The Springs Cinema & Taphouse - Drive in Movie Theater Atlanta

While this theatre is open for inside viewing, they have also added the drive-in option. Furthermore, the experience adds a sense of excitement to the entire experience of watching a movie. They have explicitly assigned stopping regions for indoor visitors versus drive-in visitors, and our staff will assist you with tracking down a good spot. However, they advise arriving at least 20 minutes before the movie. You are welcome to visit as early as you like.

The good part, one can also get food delivered to the car to binge on snacks while enjoying the film. Further, this Drive in Movie Theater Atlanta is perfect for Christmas because they show holiday movies during November and December. 

Tickets: Startting from $14.

Location: Parkside Shopping Center, 5920 Roswell Rd., Sandy Springs



Plaza Theater

Plaza Theater

With indoor theatres at risk during COVID, Plaza added the concept of drive-in movie theatres in Atlanta to their experience. Moreover, their motive was to bring back the magic of outdoor cinema with patio-style seating. The theatre has also screened cult classics like Chopping Mall and Night of the Living Dead. 

Also, this Drive in Movie Theater Atlanta was host to Atlanta Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival Satellite. Moreover, the drive-in offered a grandeur experience. It ran for 87 weeks with around 550 screenings. Plaza also added a second location at the Dad’s Garage. In addition, they were able to generate employment for many people who were left jobless during the pandemic.

Tickets: Starts at $225.

Location: 1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE



Swan Drive-in Movie Theater Atlanta

Swan Drive-in Movie Theater Atlanta

This classic establishment celebrates cinema and its evolution. Moreover, Swan Drive-In is the perfect spot for a movie night with family and friends. This drive-in movie theatre in Atlanta also has concession stands, but they only accept cash and no other payment method.

Moreover, Christmas movie screenings are free during the season at this drive in movie theater in Atlanta. Swan Drive-in is all about keeping the old spirit of the theater experience while adding a little flavor of new things. 

Tickets: Starting from $10

Location: 651 Summit St, Blue Ridge



Jesup Movies

Jesup Movies

This drive in movie theater Atlanta opened in 1948, just a few years after World War II. Like an old treasure, they maintained the aesthetics of the 50s while adding new renovations to the theatre. 

Furthermore, the cherry on top is that they even take food orders from the cars. Outside food & beverages are not allowed without a food permit, which costs $5 per car. Further, it also has a small playground for kids, making it ideal for bringing the whole family.

Tickets: Starting from $5.

Location: 3686 Savannah Highway, Jesup


Wrapping Up

The good old-fashioned outdoor theatre experience makes up for a perfect movie night with Dine-in Movie Theaters Atlanta. Watching a movie under the stars while eating good food feels ecstatic. Furthermore, there is always a feeling of adventure while sitting outdoors and enjoying a fun-filled night. These theatres, in all senses, capture the essence of classic cinema. So, what are you waiting for? Experience these fabulous theaters in the city and rejoice in the classic experience. 

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