5 Best Dine-in Movie Theaters in Atlanta

Who doesn’t love watching movies, right? If you are in the city, there are some great dine-in movie theaters in Atlanta, including the best screens, and they show some of the biggest films worldwide. Furthermore, it can noticeably be a most immersive environment than the traditional theaters. Moreover, they are well maintained, and the quality of the services has high standards. 

Additionally, these movie theaters in Atlanta have supermassive screens and their exclusive 1:43:1 aspect ratio. The images of the theaters are bigger, allowing movie lovers to enhance their experience even more. 

Dine-in Movie Theaters in Atlanta

Here are some of the best dine-in movie theaters in Atlanta.


CMX CineBistro Peachtree Corners

CMX CineBistro Peachtree Corners

According to many of the customers of the CMX, it is one of the convenient locations, which is located beside Blvd Peachtree Corners. Moreover, the mall is up to date with all the equipment and entertainment. Overall, the experience of a midnight dinner and a movie is very comfortable. Furthermore, the staff is well-behaved, and they also have a customized bar. At this Dine-in Movie Theater in Atlanta, the recliner seats are great for a movie experience, and the cleanliness is maintained.

Additionally, they have recently launched a service button that allows service staff to attend to the needs of the customers. In case you have received your food, and in the middle of the movie, you need some extra assistance, it comes in handy. Moreover, this Dine-in Movie Theater in Atlanta also provides cocktails on special occasions. And, of course, the short ribs and tater tots when ordered from them the second time. 

Not just that, they also release coupons that can contain up to 45-50% discounts for dine-out. The low cost and quality prompt services are what make the customers come back to CMX.

Address – 5180 Town Center Blvd Peachtree Corners

Phone Number – (678) 495-4180



IPIC Theatres – Dine-in Movie Theaters in Atlanta

IPIC Theatres - Dine-in Movie Theaters in Atlanta

IPIC is a premium luxury restaurant and one of Atlanta’s best dine-in movie theaters. Moreover, the brand was established in 2010, and since then, it has been providing elevated entertainment escapes and traditional moving-going experiences to its customers. The menu of the restaurant is something to praise. They have thoughtfully prepared and seasonally inspired dishes. The theater is equipped with world-class technology and luxurious amenities. Additionally, the bar menu and the cocktails are one of the best signature drinks of the restaurant.

The top priority of IPIC restaurants has always been the health of the customers. Furthermore, this Dine-in Movie Theater in Atlanta has every ingredient, however small it may be on the menu itself. Not only that, but the service staff also explains the dishes well and recommends the specials. These small details they mention in their menu are what sets them apart.

The entrance of the theater always has a staff to greet you well inside and escort you to your seat. You get intimate and cozy seats. An additional request for blankets can also be made, for which the staff always gladly complies.

This Dine-in Movie Theater in Atlanta has kept customer satisfaction as their priority which is why the staff of the IPIC is always appreciated for their supportive and professional behavior. This is why a visit to the luxurious restaurant creates a great experience overall. 

Address – 1197 Peachtree St Ste 350 

Phone Number – (470) 893-8525



The Springs Cinema And Taphouse

The Springs Cinema And Taphouse

The infamous restaurant and movie theater, especially for its Georgia heated luxury reclining seats. Not to mention the craft beer, the excellent wine, the divine cocktails, and the delicious food. This is one restaurant that is affordable enough to visit every weekend to escape your stressful work. Furthermore, this Dine-in Movie Theater in Atlanta offers reserved seats for pre-booked retro movies that are played every Sunday and Wednesday and special discounts on several occasions. Additionally, the place is locally owned, and the operated movie theater has a rich history.  

One of Atlanta’s best dine-in movie theaters also provides online ticket booking and kiosk rights which allows walking into the restaurant and scan your barcodes to print the tickets. Furthermore, they have separate lines for alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. You can not have orders from the food side. 

The theme of the dine-in theaters in Atlanta creates an enjoyable and creative experience for the customers. Furthermore, the dedicated communal seating area is also provided in the bar as well as outside the theater for the comfort of the customers who are waiting for someone at the place.  

Lastly, the reclining seats are not only adjustable but are also heating seats. Moreover, they provide comfortable seating for people coming from a chilled environment outside. 

Address – 5920 Roswell Rd #C-103 Sandy Springs

Phone number – (404) 255-0140


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Silverspot Cinema – Among Best Dine-in Movie Theaters in Atlanta

Silverspot Cinema - Among Best Dine-in Movie Theaters in Atlanta

Silverspot Dine-in movie theater in Atlanta is great for a fun time. Customers have often reviewed the place as one of the best places in comparison to which other restaurants and theaters are pale. Furthermore, they have incredible seating options, leather seats, reclining options, considerate staff, and easy parking facilities. 

Most importantly, the location of this Dine-in Movie Theater in Atlanta serves as a convenient spot for people in the city. The parking facilities are easily available when compared to the other restaurants where parking is a huge problem. Additionally, the menu has a huge variety of options to select from. Moreover, it is also cost-affordable and hence can be a good choice for a spot for regular meetups. 

Address – 960 Battery Ave SE Ste 5000

Phone Number – (678) 504-7600



Regal Tara Cinema

Regal Tara Cinema

One of the first dine-in movie theaters in Atlanta to have single and independent film screens. Moreover, they mostly have 3-4 running at the same time. Additionally, they have a spacious theater with large seats to make you comfortable. Although the concession stands in the lobby are small, yet the quick services of the staff make it easier to get in. 

The best part of the theater is the complimentary popcorn they provide to regular customers. Additionally, the food is mouthwatering, and they also serve wines on special demand. Moreover, Tara is a shopping center which is why parking has never been a problem for regal tara customers. 

Furthermore, the theater is especially known as an art house movie theater that specializes in showing independent films. This is an exclusive quality that customers can only find in Regal Tara in Atlanta. 

Address – 2345 Cheshire Bridge Rd

Phone Number – (844) 462-7342

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed reading about these Dine-in Movie Theaters in Atlanta that provide a great experience. Furthermore, their focus is to enhance your movie experience by serving the best of cuisines. So, the next time you want to have an outing or enjoy a movie, do give these dine-in theaters a try. 

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