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Cirque Atlanta is the ultimate nightspot for everyone looking to have a great time. Since Atlanta is one city that never falls asleep, we can very well attribute it to nightclubs, breakfast options, brunch, and some of the most hyped places to visit. 

While most of us love to go out and party because there are so many options, it also becomes tough to pick the one. Well, throw your worries out because Cirque Atlanta comes to the rescue, and this is indeed the ultimate nightspot in Atlanta for all the right reasons! 

Cirque Atlanta – The Ultimate Nightspot


Address : 2160 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta

Phone Number: +1 404-996-2482

Cirque Atlanta – A Detailed View

Cirque Atlanta bar and grill is one of the better-known spots, particularly for those who want to have some good drinks along with delicious food; this is the perfect spot for you! Not only that, but once you visit this place, you will understand that the ambiance is one of a kind, which adds to its popularity. 

Furthermore, it is one of the most premium Atlanta restaurants, with a good menu. Cirque Daiquiri Bar and Grill is a spot that is quite popular for the concept of a unique Daiquiri cocktail.

The Amazing Ambiance

The Amazing Ambiance- cirque atlanta

The first and most unique thing about the restaurant is its ambiance. If you look at the ambiance, then it would be evident that it is one of a kind, and hence that is what adds to the unique factor. Moreover, this particular spot is ideal for those who want to click a few good pictures and want to get the perfect vibe of a bar. 

Along with that, the ambiance at Cirque Atlanta goes a notch higher when special occasions like poetry nights exist. Some better-known poets come on board and share their bits of poetry at this juncture. 

The Specialty Menu at Cirque Atlanta

The next important fact about Cirque Atlanta is its amazing menu. We have noticed that for many bars, there is often not much attention paid to the food menu; hence, it could be detrimental. However, Cirque has a specially curated menu, and along with amazing drinks. Furthermore, you can choose to have an amazing range of finger food items to go with it. The chef has specially curated the menu, ensuring that every client’s special taste is taken care of. 

The Specialty Menu at Cirque Atlanta

Ever So Special Specialty and Premium Drinks

Here are some of the house specialties from Atlanta’s Cirque that will add to your night!


You might also wish to check out the Views Bar & Grill in Atlanta.

Amazing Service

And finally, one of the most critical factors about Cirque Atlanta is that they also tend to have the best service. You only need to convey to them your needs, and the rest will also be taken care of. Most of the guests who have visited the bar and grill have corroborated that this place has the best staff who will always put a smile on your face.

Wrapping Up

If you want to visit Cirque Atlanta, it is undoubtedly one of the better-known spots for the right reasons. Furthermore, it provides an ideal space for food, some of the best drinks and cocktails, and a whole lot of fun to make your night special. Book a table in advance, which will ensure you can avoid the waiting time, if any, and enjoy your time at this Atlanta retreat!


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