Center Stage Atlanta – A Spectacular Concert Hall

For a stellar entertainment experience, there’s nothing that tops Center Stage Atlanta. This incredible entertainment complex features three giant venues, full-service outfitters, and multiple modern amenities. The Center Stage Theatre – Atlanta’s newest live-stage performance venue is where you can experience some of the latest Broadway musicals and more. Learn all about this venue in the content ahead. So, let’s explore more about this amazing concert hall in Atlanta. 

Center Stage Atlanta 

Address- 1374 W Peachtree St NW

Phone- +1 404-885-1365


Center Stage in Atlanta is a place where great performances take center stage. Well, let’s have a look inside! 


Atlanta’s Center Stage is a modest-sized performance complex with three distinct stages. Moreover, the music hall, formerly known as Theatre Atlanta, was constructed as a tribute to a young theatre fan. Additionally, the structure served as a performing arts theatre when it was opened in the fall of 1966, but it now primarily focuses on music.

Venues at Center Stage Atlanta

This amazing theater in Atlanta is an iconic live performance facility in Midtown hosting music, comedy, wrestling, boxing, eSports, film and television recordings, and private events. Moreover, the venue has been operating for more than 50 years now. Additionally, it was first built in 1966 to commemorate Atlanta’s performing arts community. Today, the building houses three distinct venues, each containing state-of-the-art facilities.

Venues at Center Stage Atlanta

The first venue, the main Center Stage Atlanta, is historically significant in Atlanta’s culture. Moreover, it hosts acoustic and intimate live show experiences. The second venue is the Loft, sitting on an industrial complex. Moreover, it offers 650 capacity and ample space for live music and grand events. In addition, the third venue is Vinyl, a 300-guest stage offering the best in music concerts in Atlanta.

Albums and Live recordings

The location has amenities and acoustics are perfect for producing any audio, video, or film project. Here are a few successful events at Center Stage Atlanta:

  • Live music video shoots
  • Complete concert recordings
  • Television show tapings
  • Sound stages for making movies and film scores

How to get tickets

You can purchase your ticket online using the official website. If they are still available, tickets can also be purchased in person at the venue’s box office from Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Moreover, the box office only accepts major credit/debit cards because they use a cashless system after Covid. 

center stage atlanta concert

The best part, free parking is offered to customers in the garage under Atlanta’s Center Stage during daytime box office hours. Moreover, you may look to occupy spaces designated as “Box Office Parking.” Parking restrictions of 15 minutes are strictly observed.


If you love concerts or live shows, Center Stage Atlanta will not disappoint. Moreover, it is more than just the magnificence or the size of the venue that attracts everyone. It is actually the historical and cultural importance that lures you in. Most importantly, the venue is a trademark of Atlanta’s decades-long musical and entertainment journey.

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