Caribbean Food in Atlanta – 6 Best Spots!

Caribbean Food in Atlanta is one of the best things you will find among a treasure trove of good things. With the most authentic blends and flavors, there are restaurants that aim to serve you the best of cuisine. 

Furthermore, we are here with 6 Caribbean food places in Atlanta to make you experience the vibe and great taste. Let’s dive into the best places in Atlanta which do not fail to fill your tummies and fulfill your cravings. 

Caribbean Food in Atlanta

Let’s look at the top 6 places where you can find Caribbean Food while you are in Atlanta.


Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe 

Chef Rob's Caribbean Cafe 

Chef Rob’s is a comfortable, cozy cafe with delicious Food, welcoming staff, and enjoyable nightlife. Giving a perfect vibe of vacation on an island, this place serves the best Caribbean Food in Atlanta. Moreover, they serve most traditional Caribbean dishes, including oxtails, jerk chicken, roti, etc. Furthermore, you will find authentic Caribbean cuisines at Chef Rob’s Caribbean cafe in Atlanta. In addition, they also have a lounge that operates on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Chef Rob also owns a truck that roams around in different Atlanta locations, offering catering services. 

Address: 5920 Roswell Rd NE Suite A117

Contact: (404) 250-3737



Dat Fire Jerk Chicken for Caribbean Food in Atlanta

Dat Fire Jerk Chicken for Caribbean Food in Atlanta

Chef Jay John leads this Jamaican restaurant in Atlanta. Additionally, he is known for booking the best and the most healthy Jamaican Food in Atlanta. Furthermore, this amazing chef is called the Jerk Pro of Atlanta, considering his knowledge and art of mixing and grilling using Jerk spices and seasonings. The place is a warm and welcoming place to have authentic Caribbean Food in Atlanta. Not just that, it is a place to go and chill and makes a perfect spot for get-togethers! 

Address: 226 Northside Drive SW

Contact: (404) 254-4494



Irie Mon Cafe 

Irie Mon Cafe 

This cafe not only offers restaurant services but also provides catering. Further, they serve authentic Caribbean Food in Atlanta. Additionally, it is a hidden gem, and they have colorful murals on their walls. They also offer halal nonveg on orders and an all-day breakfast menu at their place. Furthermore, traditional Jamaican dishes like ackee and saltfish are great to try when you hop up at the Irie Mon Cafe

Address: 1800 Peachtree Rd NW #103, Atlanta, GA 30309

Contact:  (404) 977-4870



Negril Village Atlanta – Caribbean Food in Atlanta

Negril Village Atlanta - Caribbean Food in Atlanta

This is a very cool-looking restaurant with unique and attractive interiors. As the tagline suggests, “Innovative Caribbean cuisine,” this place believes in innovation with culinary. All the dishes served at Negril have authentic Caribbean flavors with a culinary twist by their chefs, which gives Food a new life of flavor. Not only the dishes but they also offer twisted and uniquely prepared cocktails for people who love to try new flavors in Food. Moreover, you will not only have your tummies satisfied but also feel welcomed and warm. So, for some of the best Caribbean Food in Atlanta, do give this place a shot. 

Address: Negril ATL 30 North Avenue NE

Contact: 404-464-7159



Royal Caribbean Bakery 

Royal Caribbean Bakery 

Royal Caribbean Bakery serves all the Caribbean bakery products in Atlanta. Isn’t it good news? Further, they aim to provide the most authentic flavors and decent Caribbean Food in Atlanta. This spot serves patties, coco bread, stiff dough bread, and other items like Jerk meals and Jerk chicken. Additionally, you can also add up ice cream to your meal. Moreover, their prices are super affordable! 

Address: 4859 Memorial Dr # A, Stone Mountain

Contact: +1 404-299-7714



Caribbean Delight 

Caribbean Delight 

This is another restaurant offering Caribbean Food Atlanta. Interestingly, they have a variety of dishes, including jerk chicken, curried chicken, shrimp, oxtails, mac, cheese, etc. Further, they serve fresh dishes with the freshest ingredients used. Caribbean delight is known for its taste and quality both. Not just that, the place also offers online delivery if you are in no mood to step out. This is another great place to fulfill your Caribbean food cravings while you are in Atlanta.

Address: 576 Lee St SW #B

Contact: 404-752-6173


Wrapping Up

How can you miss authentic, delicious, lip-smacking Caribbean Food in Atlanta when you have the best options available? If you are new in Atlanta or do not know much about the places which serve Caribbean Food in Atlanta, this article is your jackpot. All these places will not fail to amaze your tastebuds. So, have your favorite Caribbean dish and explore these options! 

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