Cafe Intermezzo Atlanta – For Delicious Meals

Cafe Intermezzo Atlanta is the right spot for all things coffee. Can you imagine a 300-year-old coffee house situated somewhere on the streets of Atlanta with people warmly enjoying their drinks in a classic environment with all the dreamy vibes? Well, this one-of-a-kind coffee house is all of that. 

Intermezzo is an intimate and charming cafe with a fantastic atmosphere. Furthermore, the cafe has been in Atlanta since 1970, and it still retains its old-school charm. The walls are covered with vintage photos and paintings, while the ceilings are high and feature exposed beams. The tables and chairs are comfortable, and the staff is welcoming and accommodating.

All About Cafe Intermezzo Atlanta

Address: 1065 Peachtree Street, Suite 2

Contact: (404) 355-0411


Cafe Intermezzo Atlanta – A Peek into Past

This artistic Cafe in Atlanta has a rich history behind it. Moreover, Brian Olson came up with this beautiful chocolate-colored coffee house after being inspired by European coffeehouses in his twenties. That is when he decided he wanted to start something like those soon. With no knowledge of the restaurant industry and how it works, Olson had no clue how he would do it, but he knew he wanted to. Further, he started working in restaurants to make this dream come true.  

More About Cafe Intermezzo Atlanta

As you enter the cafe, you get to see a huge expresso machine, said to be the world’s largest barista bar, and beautiful pastries displayed. Moreover, Cafe Intermezzo Atlanta is more about great coffee, cocktails, and delicious cakes, but they also offer other dishes to their menu which are worth trying. Additionally, you can imagine yourself in the era of the 1900s while sitting at Cafe Intermezzo and sipping your coffee. 


Menu- Cafe Intermezzo Atlanta

Furthermore, you must try their avocado toast. Interestingly, the spicy tortellini is one such famous dish in the menu design by Olson’s wife. Further, oreo cheesecake is something you can’t miss when you are at Atlanta’s Cafe Intermezzo. The cafe is a piece of beauty in all forms with a classic European interior. In addition, the rose walls with dim lighting add soul to the cafe. The walnut woodwork adds the taste.

Most importantly, it has proven to be an excellent place for couples. Many couples want to spend a date at Cafe Intermezzo. Here are some picks from the special menu:

  • Butternut Squash Ravioli
  • Seafood Crepe
  • Spicy Tortellini
  • Seared Chicken
  • Mussels Provencal


Cafe Intermezzo Atlanta is quite famous for their fine selection of desserts. Since the cafe has a long history of making delicious food items, their dessert menu definitely pleases the sweet tooth. Let’s have a look:

Deserts Cafe Intermezzo Atlanta

  • Cookies & Cream (Oreo) Cheesecake – Best-selling cheesecake
  • Frutti di Bosco
  • Heavenly Lemon Torte
  • Light & Dark Torte
  • Nutella-Banana Crêpe
  • Nutella-Strawberry Crêpe
  • Mixed Berry Crêpe with Schlag

Wrapping Up

Cafe Intermezzo Atlanta is more than just its name. Further, it is an overall experience for life. It is impossible to go over there just once. And if you are based out of Atlanta, you are definitely like to discover this gem. To feel a classic vibe, good food, and soulful air, give this place a try. 


Vibhuti is a passionate food blogger. She loves trying out new restaurants, cooking dishes with out-of-the-box ingredients, and sharing recipes with family and friends. When she's not blogging about food, Vibhuti enjoys traveling and exploring new places. You'll often find her searching for new flavors and dishes to enjoy. She is so crazy about food blogging that she recently took a 5 hours flight to Seattle just to try a cup of Turkish coffee at a newly opened cafe.

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