Enjoy Breakfast at Barney’s in Atlanta

Atlanta is known for its fine dining scenes, upscale retail areas, rich historical significance, restaurants and more. When you are having a passionate food discussion, you cannot skip a hearty Breakfast at Barney’s Atlanta. Furthermore, this place serves traditional comfort food with a Southern twist and is famous for serving as a part of breakfast/brunch late morning social club. 

So let’s get to know about what best brunch meals you can have at Barney’s while you are in Atlanta. 

Breakfast at Barneys Atlanta

Address: 349 Decatur St. SE Unit A1, Atlanta,

Phone: +1 404-549-6042


Relish the Menu with a Unique Twist

Relish the Menu with a Unique Twist: breakfast at barneys atlanta

In the extensive menu of Breakfast at Barneys Atlanta, tourists can find some French toast, waffles and other innovative toasty dishes. Moreover, the restaurant is popular among tourists. as the brunch diner puts effort into presenting the classic food items of Georgia in a unique way. 

Furthermore, if you ask for a French toast meal, you would not just get the plain French toast and cream on the side without their signature luxurious exaggeration. While you are at Barney’s in Atlanta, expect to enjoy breakfast potatoes on the side along with its famous Queen City Shrimp & Grits. Of course, you would get the side dishes as per your preferences. 

Luxury Food in the Form of 24K Gold

Are you one of those people who enjoy a one-time unique luxury breakfast? Then you would be satisfied with joining Breakfast at Barneys Atlanta. Have you heard of eating silver, gold and many other precious metals used in culinary? Well, Barney knows how to serve edible gold in the most luxurious way. 

You can find 24 Karat Gold pancakes on the menu too. Absolutely delicious fluffy, buttery pancakes served with edible gold and decorated with French berries, bourbon apple cider syrup, and edible flowers on top. Furthermore, if you are getting a watery mouth, don’t wait up and make your plan to visit Barney’s at least once while you are in Atlanta. 

Selection of Drinks to Toast on Talks

Selection of Drinks to Toast on Talks: breakfast at barneys atlanta

Breakfast at Barneys Atlanta also serves a great selection of drinks at its luxurious bar station. Even if you don’t enjoy alcohol, you can certainly enjoy customized smoothies, freshly-pressed juices, non-alcoholic cocktails, Kombucha, mimosas, etc., on the menu. Toast over your talks as you enjoy your brunch at the bar. 

Enjoy a Delectable Brunch at Breakfast at Barneys Atlanta

If you are craving some seafood brunch, going to Breakfast at Barneys in Atlanta is the best choice for you. Furthermore, they will serve you their classic Lobster Mac & Greens on the menu. Moreover, the Lobster is full with creamy mac with Kale, mixed cheeses, and a half-fried lobster tail.

Even though the brunch menu is a bit pricey, it also consists of delicious waffles of diverse flavors, pancakes with 14k gold leaf, a bottle of prosecco, etc. You can also enjoy desserts here that involve peach cobbler, vanilla bean ice cream, 12-layered red velvet champagne cake, etc. 

Breakfast at Barneys Atlanta– A Must-Try!

If you want to taste just some of the major dishes of Barney’s Menus, you would not be disappointed to order snacks like Soul Rolls, Salmon Croquette and Eggs, Yard Bird or the crispy fried chicken wings, etc. Breakfast at Barneys Atlanta, take the classic Soul Rolls and make it more unique with stuffed greens, candied yams, mac and cheese, with a drizzle of mumbo sauce. Similarly, the Salmon Croquettes are served with pickled red onions and creole sauce. 

Wrapping Up

If you are a foodie, checking out Barney’s breakfast zone is worth it if you are in Atlanta. Get yourself inspired with more food ideas as you check out all the finger-licking multi-cultural Breakfast at Barneys Atlanta dishes. 


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