Top 5 Places For Best Wings In Atlanta

Do you enjoy chicken wings, Like the rest of America? There are many reasons Atlantans have a unique fondness for “Lemon Pepper Wings.” We’ll show you where to find the best wings in Atlanta with a variety of distinct kinds.

The chicken wing culture in Atlanta is well-known, and numerous notable eateries consistently have large queues. This food, which is a local favorite, is a mainstay on the menus of numerous restaurants around the Peach State and comes in just about every flavor imaginable. 

The greatest chicken wings you’ve ever tasted can be found right here in Atlanta, Georgia, as this article will demonstrate. These 5 finest wings restaurants in Georgia will make you want to eat your weight in wings, whether you prefer them hot or sweet, fried or baked, boneless or bone-in.

The Best Chicken Wings In Atlanta Can Be Found At These Restaurants

When it comes to chicken wings, Atlanta restaurants have advanced well beyond the simple hot, moderate, and spicy varieties. We have made a list of the best places which offers the best chicken wings. Let’s explore some of Atlanta’s best places.


J.R. Cricket’s

J.R. Cricket’s Best wings in Atlanta

Without including JR Crickets, no list of Atlanta’s top wings is complete. Lemony Pepper is a crowd-pleaser. The original location is here. There are multiple locations of J.R Cricket throughout the city.

Lemon pepper wet refers to wings that have been tossed in Cricket’s classic spicy wing sauce before being dusted with their “Lemony Pepper” flavor. You can eat them with celery or fries.

The blue cheese is homemade, and the chicken wings are always fresh. It goes without saying that you must taste their medium-sauced, lemon pepper-sprinkled wet wings. These wings are the actual deal, made popular by the “Atlanta” episode when Paper Boi requests “lemon pepper wet.”

J.R. Crickets have endured for so long for a reason, and they continue to grow around Atlanta due to their outstanding wings.

Address: 129 North Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Contact Number: 404-228-0008

Website: J.R. Crickets


Jack’s Pizza & Wings

Jack’s Pizza & Wings

The finest place in Atlanta to get wings, pizza, and other quick meals is Jacks. Although they may serve food quickly, they never skimp on quality. Always juicy and deliciously flavorful, the wings are dripping with sauce.

Jack’s Pizza and Wings, a popular local hangout in Atlanta’s Highlands, has been around for a while. 

Retro games line the back of the eatery, which opens to a patio during the city’s warmer days. And as the title suggests, you can add a few slices of pizza to your order if the wings aren’t sufficient to satisfy your appetite.

Fruity strawberry (better than envisioned), sweet, honey bourbon, and a genuine jerk rub are some of the flavors for oven-baked wings. Try the teriyaki, the Sriracha, or both flavors combined. Jack’s also sells a really great lemon pepper.

Address: 676 Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Contact Number: (404) 525-4444



The Local

The Local

In Atlanta’s Virginia Highlands, there is a dive bar called The Local. The overwhelming “people’s choice” for smoked wings is this grimy tavern on Ponce. Locals are aware that these are some of Atlanta’s top wings. Even though smoked wings are now among Atlanta’s most popular varieties, the wings at The Local are crispy yet remain juicy, which is a challenging combination to perfect.  The bar is renowned for its Monday night Karaoke competitions, good beer variety, and tasty chicken wings.

The wings at this unassuming bar are excellent, and it’s a fantastic place to grab a drink with friends. 

You can choose between sauced options like the tikka masala or the hot Korean BBQ, or you can get the dry-rubbed jerk or lemon pepper. You can’t go wrong with the traditional buffalo flavor for wings, but their Korean BBQ wings are also amazing!

Address: 758 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Contact Number: 404-873-5002



Wing Bar

Wing Bar

One of the best spots to start your night out drinking is East Atlanta Village, and one of the best places to conclude it is Wing Bar. Wing Bar is a classic no-frills wing counter that excels at the fundamentals: lemon pepper and traditional Buffalo. There is no indoor seating, and there is a trail of broken bones leading you to the entrance. A spicy dozen is presented in Styrofoam free of accoutrements; all you need to do to begin eating is squat down on the bench outdoors.

For anyone who is a true fan of wings, The Wing Bar is a flavorful heaven. Here, tasty wings are delivered by the dozen with a variety of tempting sauces to pick from.

Address: 494 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Contact Number: (404) 688-8009



The Bando

The Bando

The Bando, one of Atlanta’s more new wing spots, is located off of MLK Jr Boulevard and has already made a big impression. The Bando, which debuted in the fall of last year, rapidly gained notoriety for its distinctive approach to wings. Their “crack” wings and strawberry hot wings have a special flavor that combines spice and sweetness! Even if they only take out orders, you should still stop by and get something to eat!

Address: 3050 M.L.K. Jr Dr. SW suite M, Atlanta, GA 30311


Final Word

 Atlanta does, however, also have a number of hip eateries, pop-ups, and well-known sites that continue to draw large crowds. In Georgia’s largest city, you shouldn’t have any trouble locating your favorite drum or flat now that the chicken wing scarcity has mostly subsided across the nation. Atlanta is the best place to find special food stores, obscure eateries, farmers’ markets, and farm stands.


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