Best 5 Neighborhoods in Atlanta (Rated) With All Details

Are you curious about the best neighborhoods in Atlanta? Especially if you want to move to the city or explore the best places. There are a variety of neighborhoods spread out across the city, many of which are perfect for different lifestyles, family needs, etc.

We have created a list of Atlanta’s best neighborhoods to find the best one that suits your requirements.

Best Neighborhoods In Atlanta

Let’s step in and explore some of the best places and neighborhoods in the city of Atlanta!


Virginia Highland

Virginia Highland

Virginia Highland is one of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta. Furthermore, it is more like a small town but has all the amenities of a big city. Most of the buildings and houses there were built around 1909 to 1926. The oldest fire station in Atlanta is located here and was built in 1924. All the famous parks and beautiful places are easily accessible from this neighborhood. 

This neighborhood is full of bungalow-style houses and buildings. Apart from this, there are restaurants, theaters, and some nice boutiques. This might be a good choice for your family if you have kids. Virginia Highland has some good schools also. Moreover, it is quite affordable in comparison to other neighborhoods in Atlanta. It has good connectivity to public transit, shopping places, and entertainment places. 


Decatur – Among Best Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Decatur - Among Best Neighborhoods in Atlanta

This place is very much near downtown Atlanta. The great location and area make this place more loved and one of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta. This place is on the MARTA line; hence you need not board a bus to go to all the places that fall on the MARTA line.

Moreover, you can travel as much as you can in your car as the places around it rarely have traffic issues. This is because of its prime location. The Brick Store Pub is very famous here. It has several cozy and beautiful restaurants to dine out with friends and family. With some good schools, Decatur is also a nice place for kids. Being Atlanta’s best neighborhood, this place has some very interesting food and art festivals going on throughout the year. The community and people living here are very nice and welcome you with whole heatedly. 

Decatur is a safe option for people who want to move to Atlanta along with their families. 




Being a perfect place for single people as well as professionals, Midtown has managed to be included in the best neighborhoods in Atlanta. The beautiful and peaceful Piedmont Park is situated here. This place is an epicenter for all the activities and art galleries. Midtown offers very interesting nightlife and entertainment options. There are plenty of restaurants offering mouth-watering food and drinks. Then there is Peachtree street, where you can find all the happening events and activities. 

Midtown is a perfect neighborhood in Atlanta offering the best brands outlet, comedy bars, and big shops. There is a High Museum of Art depicting beautiful art pieces, and the building of this art museum is also very appealing to the eyes. Midtown is a good place for you if you are a city person who loves the hustle and bustle of the cities. 

Traffic might pose problems sometimes, but overall, Midtown is a great place to find a residence. 


Inman Park – Out of the Best Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Inman Park - Out of the Best Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Out of all the places in Atlanta, Inman Park is the most loved and best neighborhood in Atlanta. It is a bit expensive, but the place is worth every cent. It is located on the Beltline, which is a railway corridor.

The restaurants offer great food, and the nightlife is also wonderful. There are several places where you can go and enjoy different food options. There are wine bars, coffee shops, and markets also. Hence, Inman Park is a ten-on-ten in the entertainment area. 

The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library along with the Museum is located here. It offers an insight into history for lovers. The homes are lavish, and the streets are wide and full of trees on the sides. If you are planning to shift to the city, this neighborhood in Atlanta should be a must-visit.


Little Five Points and Candler Park:

Little Five Points and Candler Park - best neighborhoods in Atlanta

Last but not least, Little Five Points and Candler Park makes the best neighborhood in Atlanta. If you are a professional and are looking for a good place with good vibes, this might be perfect for you. This place holds one of Atlanta’s best fests, parties, and concerts. 

This place is particularly famous in Atlanta because of its innumerable shops, vegan food outlets, clothes shops, crystal shops, and tattoo parlors. There are dance sessions hosted in Chandler park. There is a Freedom Park, which is filled with lush green trees and beautiful surroundings. The vibe of this place is much different from the other neighborhoods in Atlanta. 

Once you start living here, there is no going back to any other place, as Little Five Points welcomes every person with open arms. Considering the advantages, living here is not very expensive, and you would love this place in Atlanta. It is Atlanta’s best neighborhood, for sure. 

Wrapping Up

These are a few places that are famous for their great location and friendly neighborhood vibes. These places can be a bit pricey, but according to the activities, facilities, and benefits the areas offer, the price is worth it. These neighborhoods rank best in the entertainment area. Other than that, these localities and areas offer great aesthetic value also. Hence, you must consider these locations if you are looking for the best neighborhood in Atlanta.

Tired of exploring these neighborhoods? Have some lunch in Atlanta.

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