Best Hibachi In Atlanta

The Best Hibachi in Atlanta is relatively easy to find, given the variety of things to explore in the city. Further, Hibachi is a traditional method of cooking meat, vegetables, or seafood on a metal plate or bowl directly placed on heat or fire. This cooking method originated in Japan, where a group of people in small parties sit around the grill and watch the chef cooking dinner for them. Well, if you are also drooling reading delicious Japanese milk along with some food and spirited drinks, we have come up with the best Hibachi in Atlanta. 

Best Hibachi in Atlanta

Let’s ride through the 5 Best spots for Hibachi in the city! 


Nakato Japanese Restaurant 

Nakato Japanese Restaurant 

This restaurant, for the best Hibachi in Atlanta, is one of the authentic places to serve Japanese cuisine in Atlanta. Furthermore, they have a belief called “Omotenashi,” Japanese Hospitality. Most importantly, the restaurant has a beautifully warm and welcoming atmosphere and humble service, and they make you feel at home. Interestingly, to better experience the atmosphere, you can also get an intimate room reserved for yourself at the restaurant. Further, these private rooms are called tea rooms or tatami rooms, where you experience the original authentic Japanese cuisine. In addition, people at the restaurant must remove their shoes and sit on the pillows on the floor. This is the traditional way of enjoying a meal in Japan. Furthermore, these are the most delicious Hibachi and Sushi spots in Atlanta. You experience the taste of Japan while eating in Atlanta. 

Address: 1776 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE

Contact: (404) 873-6582



HOKI – Among Top Places for Best Hibachi in Atlanta

HOKI - Among Top Places for Best Hibachi in Atlanta

HOKI is another hibachi restaurant in Atlanta serving modern Japanese cuisine. This is a great place to be with your family and try that delicious Sushi sashimi and various other dishes from the menu. Furthermore, this restaurant also offers various of the finest sakes from Japan. Along with their Japanese cuisine and Hibachi, they also offer some mind-boggling desserts, green tea, tiramisu mochi ice cream, and tempura ice cream are some of them. Furthermore, this Hibachi restaurant in Atlanta offers fresh and high-quality sushi. In addition, it is a great time to book HOKI for a private party or a friend’s meet-out. 

Address: 3300 Cobb Pwky SE #114

Contact: (770)-690-0555



YoiYoi Steakhouse and Sushi 

YoiYoi Steakhouse and Sushi 

YoiYoi Steakhouse is known for its different perspectives on cooking, as they consider it an art. From taste to quality and presentation, you get everything at this place. Furthermore, they have qualified and knowledgeable chefs who use fresh ingredients for cooking Japanese meals and are great at Hibachi. Additionally, they have different chefs for different styles of food. Visiting this restaurant is like experiencing the real, authentic side of Japanese cuisine.

Furthermore, for some of the best Hibachi in Atlanta, the owners of this restaurant alter their menu every week and put in something special for their guests. In addition, you get to taste a great variety of sushi and sashimi, as well as hibachi dinner at YoiYoi. Trying their bento boxes is a plus; you can also include a wide variety of salads, soups, and other appetizers.

Address: 857 Collier Road NW

Contact: (404) 351-1788


Here’s all you need to know about Bar and Grill, Atlanta, another spot worth exploring in the city.


Sumo Hibachi and Sushi – Best Hibachi in Atlanta

Sumo Hibachi and Sushi - Best Hibachi in Atlanta

Sumo hibachi and sushi are some of the best Hibachi in Atlanta. Furthermore, it is a perfect place to have a quick lunch or dinner in Japanese style. Interestingly, they also serve the best battery and wings in counter style. Further, they have specialized chefs who excel at preparing Japanese meals and offer authentic Hibachi. 

In addition, chicken tenders, gyros, wings, and lo mein are some unique dishes of Sumo Hibachi which must be tried if you are there. Also, the sauce they serve with Hibachi and other meals is like the cherry on the cake and makes the whole experience memorable for your tastebuds. In short, you won’t be able to resist returning to this place for the best Hibachi in Atlanta once you taste their meals. 

Address: 3404 Clairmont Rd 

Contact: +1 678-590-8888



Bao Bun Hibachi 

Bao Bun Hibachi 

This place is at Hopewell Mill Road in Atlanta and serves good food. Furthermore, it is a great place to relax and take a chill pill after a long day of work. In addition, this Hibachi restaurant in Atlanta is known for its authentic Bao, served in a warm and welcoming environment. Their scallion pancakes are a must-try. Further, they offer a variety of Japanese food items like flatbreads, ramen bowls, Hibachi, pork chop, chicken, salmon, shrimp, and more. If you’re planning to try Japanese cuisine, especially Hibachi in Atlanta, with your friends, Bao Bun Hibachi is the place for you. The chefs here are great at their work, specializing in making Hibachi, yet you get to experience an authentic taste of Japan with a cool vibe. 

Address: 1715 Howell Mill Road Northwest Suite # C15-A30318

Contact: (404) 351-5502


Wrapping Up

So, whenever you crave an authentic and some of the best Hibachi in Atlanta, open this article and pick one of the places you like. We are sure these places will give you a lifelong experience to remember. Anytime you get a tummy call for a Japanese meal, you know where to go!

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