7 Amazing Bars in Midtown Atlanta To Get a Drink

Are you someone who gets excited while thinking of cocktails, drinks and are on the lookout for a new spot? These bars in Midtown Atlanta can be your new favorite! Whether your taste leans towards wine, or beer, or you just love sipping on a shot of whiskey in the evening, these bars will be a treat for you.

We have created a detailed list of some of the most delightful bars in Atlanta for you to check out!

Bars in Midtown Atlanta

Let’s have a look at these 7 amazing bars in the city!


Bar Margot

Bar Margot bars in midtown Atlanta

This beautiful bar features delicious cocktails, flawlessly executed dishes, and a posh vibe. It is located inside the Four Seasons hotel, which is already famous for offering top-notch accommodation.

Gin Margot is the most popular beverage served at this bar in Midtown Atlanta. The bartender blends gin with tonic and other ingredients to improve the taste of the cocktail. You get a long menu of drinks to select a few and say hello to your new favorite drink!

Being one of the best Midtown Atlanta bars, Bar Margot has the best food, drinks, vibe, and atmosphere to enjoy a memorable evening.

Address: 75 14th St NE, Atlanta

Contact No: +1 404-881-5913



Revery VR – Among Top Bars in Midtown Atlanta

Revery VR - Among Top Bars in Midtown Atlanta

This bar should be on the top of your list if you wish to spend time in a modern neon-lit bar. It provides some innovative options in the drink section, along with the thrill of virtual reality. Live DJ attracts people on the floor by playing the latest numbers with club music.

The Revery VR Bar is among a few selected bars in Midtown Atlanta where you can meet many people. You can join other groups to live thrilling VR experiences. Further, you can  also opt for gaming and enjoy VR games. The party begins after 10 pm and lasts up to 2 pm. So, plan your visit accordingly.

Address: 728 Monroe Dr. NE Suite C, Atlanta

Contact No: +1 470-639-8448



Garden at Community Smith

Garden at Community Smith bars in midtown Atlanta

The Garden at Community Smith is one of the most amazing and beautiful bars in Midtown Atlanta, located atop Community Smith. If you are looking for a bar to enjoy the breathtaking view of Midtown Atlanta, Garden at Community Smith is your destination.

It is a premiere destination in the city, where customers visit to enjoy grill and cocktails. Casual outtakes and small plates are frequently served at this bar to entertain guests. You can order craft beers, draught, and other beverages to keep the party going.

This Atlanta midtown bar is also an exciting location to host parties. The venue is pretty costly, but that’s how events become memorable for enjoyment-seekers. 

Address: 866 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta

Contact No: +1 678-412-2402 



Edgar’s Proof & Provision – One of the Best Bars in Midtown Atlanta

Edgar’s Proof & Provision - One of the Best Bars in Midtown Atlanta

Georgian Terrace is one of Atlanta’s most famous luxury hotels and Edgar’s Proof & Provision bar is nestled inside this hotel. It is a prohibition-style bourbon bar. Most locals admire this place for serving artisan craft cocktails.

You can check the menu as there are only delicious cocktails along with delicious small plates. This bar in Midtown Atlanta got the best range of delicious snacks, and there won’t be any lack of elixirs. Therefore, we have included this amazing bar on our list to guide quality cocktail lovers.

Address: 659 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta

Contact No: +1 404-897-5045




Establishment bars in midtown Atlanta

The Establishment is one of the highly sophisticated Midtown Atlanta Bars known for its beautiful lounge, delicious meals, and a variety of drinks. Reclaimed Georgia wood beautifies each corner of this restaurant. It gives you a taste of historical significance along with some classic cocktails served for many decades.

You will find Establishment a perfect destination for partying if you are a history buff. This bar in Midtown Atlanta got top-skilled chefs and bartenders to accommodate all your needs. You can make online bookings to avoid trouble when the restaurant is packed.

Address: 197 Peachtree St NE Suite 517, Atlanta, GA 30305, United States

Contact No: +1 404-347-5291



The Independent

The Independent

Are you planning to order a pint of a strong bear while trying your pocket-billiards skills? You need to visit The Independent bar in Midtown Atlanta. It offers free Wi-Fi, numerous pool tables, and other games to enjoy on the weekend.

People frequently visit this bar to play darts and pool and also celebrate small or major achievements. The Independent allows guests to host parties to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions. It also hosts the Poker Tournament of Champions to give poker players a chance to win a huge prize. Whether you are into indoor games or not, The Independent is one of the best bars in Midtown Atlanta to spend energetic evenings.

Address: 931 Monroe Dr. NE, suite c-205, Atlanta, GA 30308, United States 

Contact No: +1 404-249-9869




Foxtrot bars in midtown Atlanta

This bar is located in the heart of the Midtown area. It offers a vibrant and comforting place to enjoy quality cocktails. Therefore, experts include Foxtrot on their list of top Midtown Atlanta bars.

Foxtrot is a unique bar because it serves some unique cocktails, including Herbal Remedies, Bright and Lively, Stranger Things, and more. Do not go by their names because all those innovative recipes taste amazing.

You should sit on comfy chairs and then place the order for the “Life on Mars” cocktail. It is a gin-based drink blended with Earl Grey bitters and orgeat. The bartender at one of the top bars in Midtown Atlanta can give it a fruity flavor if you don’t want to start the evening with a slightly bitter drink. 

Address: 45 13th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, United State 

Contact No: +1 404-856-4266



Whether you wish to play indoor games, take a breathtaking view of the city, or taste some classic cocktails in a sophisticated bar, these bars in Midtown Atlanta have you covered. So, decide how you want to spend the evening, and then pick one of these recommended bars. 

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